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It's easy to earn free BNB Coins! you can earn BNB from the faucet & offer wall, hourly & 30 minutes.
You can earn high amounts of BNB from many tasks on a daily basis.
Join us right now, completely free!

Type your 42-character Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) address write in the box below to sign up or sign in.

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What is Freebnbco.in

It acts as an intermediary for Offerwall and Survey companies. In this way, users can earn BNB without paying any fees. Hourly faucet earnings, lottery draws, games of chance etc. on our website. services are available.

All that is required to register is an address to which your payment requests will be sent. For free bnb coin sure you enter the Binance Smart Chain(BEP20) address!

  • Fastest Payments

    We use BNB as a payment method, when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, your payment request is quickly approved and transferred to your wallet within minutes.

  • Referral and Level System

    There is a level system where you can increase your routing and all other win rates! You earn Exp for every action you take and your earnings increase as you level up.

  • No Spam Ads!

    We do not accept Ads. that will disturb you. We work with compatible advertising companies for a completely organic and healthy interaction.

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Affiliate Program

With your referral code, you get a commission on all earnings of your friends who register on the site. In some cases, your referral rates can increase significantly.
Social Media managers can contact us, we will have a separate partnership agreement for them.

Under the partnership program, the reference rates given with level upgrades will also apply.

* Minimum required number of references 50 people (reached level 2)
* Having an active user/follower account on Social Media platforms.
(Telegram, Youtube, İnstagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc.)

  • Default Referral Rate: %10
  • A reference rate of +10% will be added as part of the Partnership Program.
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Exp / Level Upgrade

All actions you perform on the site will earn you an Exp percentage.
For example, a new redirect, every click faucet, solving a survey.

As each level increases, their earnings will be increased as in the rates below.
You can reach up to Level 10.

  • + 1% increase in General Referral Rates.
  • + 1% increase in Faucet Click Earnings.
  • F.A.Q

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Registering in the system and earning is completely free, it does not require any investment, you can only earn passive earning in the long term with the time you allocate daily.

    We only ask you to enter your Binance Smart Chain(BEP20) address, which consists of 42 characters, required to register and create a withdrawal request. Your winnings will only be sent to the address you entered.
    In this way, forget password etc. There is no need to worry about the security of your personal information. After the address you entered, you can create a registration by clicking the Connect button and then log in in the same way.

    You must reach the minimum amount to withdraw the Binance Coins you have earned.
    When you reach the minimum amount, it will be sent to your account instantly without requiring confirmation in some cases.
    However, in some cases, if you are considered to have made suspicious transactions, your withdrawal request will wait during the approval process.

    You should understand that the system follows a completely win / win policy.
    Some malicious users try to deceive the system with fake accounts and VPN/Proxy connections.
    The reliability levels of the users are calculated automatically with the filters and artificial intelligence we use.
    If you are accessing the site with VPN access or if you have accessed with too many different IP addresses, this will lower your reliability score.
    However, this does not mean that you always make fraudulent transactions, your payment requests will not be automatic because your trustworthy user score decreases.
    If, despite following the rules, you are experiencing problems accessing your account and have not received your payment, you can contact us.
    Please before signing up Read the Terms of Use.

    There are many earning methods on the site, but the point that will save you the most in the long run is the Reference Program.
    You can also increase your referral rates and account Level by spending more time on the site.
    You can earn + 10% more under the Affiliate Program.