Terms of Use - Бесплатная монета BNB | Заработайте BNB – Кран
What is Freebnbco.in?

The purpose of the Freebnbco.in site is to be a partner in job offers and survey earnings from intermediary companies, and never takes any action that will harm you.
Sometimes it can make advertising deals and display ads in many parts of the site.
Together with these intermediary companies, it aims to provide users with bnb coins with alternative earning methods on the site.

What is Term of Use?
First of all, thanks to intermediary companies and user activity records on our site, we can detect multiple accounts, attempts to deceive the system for their own benefit. We can record these movements within the scope of Cookie Policy and suspend your accounts if your illegal actions are detected.

Persons who notice security vulnerabilities and defects on this website and report them to us will be rewarded.
Withdrawal requests go through certain filters, while some users' payments are sent instantly, while some suspicious users' payments are put on hold.
Suspicious after controls; multiple accounts, exploiting a system vulnerability, etc. If there are no such cases, their payment will be approved.

Only one account access is allowed for each device and internet network. These conditions are also valid for individuals living in the same house.
Each user must accept these terms in order to participate in Offer Walls and Surveys.